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Contact Search

Marketing Analytics Firms India

It is imperative to target the right business contacts in order to connect with the right people. If you get the contacts wrong, all your business strategies are likely to go in vain. Tatariya Web Solution is here to provide you instant access to millions of key decision-makers, professionals and distinguished executives of various companies. So, if you fancy connecting with the right people at the right time and in the right way, call us now. The contact database at Tatariya Web Solution is always updated, which means we will never provide you an old-dated and illegitimate contact list. With us, you can be sure of receiving only the latest company data.

Research & Data Entry

Our approachable team will organize primary and secondary research to dig into a gigantic array of information helpful to grow your business. Instead of making gut-based decisions, it is advisable to rely on our analytic-based research that will aid in making wise decisions for long-term success of your business. The in-house team is highly experienced in providing data entry services to a vast number of industries and companies. Thanks to our access to latest technology and softwares, we can capture all the data with accuracy and speed

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Lead Generation

The process of lead generation requires specialized efforts in the right direction, which only then facilitates the business leads’ generation the inbound way. Clearly, lead generation is a much easier said than done process as it involves converting total strangers into potential leads who would be willing to show interest in your product or service. Here at Tatariya Web Solution, we help clients to warm up their potential customers to their business, and subtly and gradually, get them on the path of buying. Our experienced professionals know what it takes to generate a lead and get them to buy a product or service. Years of experience in the lead generation business have helped us comprehend the mechanics of lead generation. Therefore, all our strategies employed in generating the leads are tried and tested, proven to show maximum results in the short run. We ensure to provide you only those leads that are worthy of your time and are likely to yield positive results in the future. The actual components involved in our lead generation process are easy to understand and effective. Get in touch with one of our trained lead generation experts today to know more about our process

Indisputably, Tatariya Web Solution is a foremost name in data processing services. Our skilled staff will provide comprehensive data processing services at competitive rates.

Data Formatting

We will employ a variety of data formatting techniques to ensure that every piece of information is carefully checked and recorded. By applying essential formatting tactics, we will format a particular type of information effectively. In addition, we will also conduct regular audits to make sure that all the information mentioned in error-free and easy to comprehend. Each and every data will be checked manually in order to keep it legitimate and in order.

Data Validating

Our experts perform high levels of data validation in order to provide you with high quality of data. With such strong competition in the markets, it is naïve to ignore the significance of data validation. With the help of our data validation services, be assured of receiving verified and validated data.

Data Scraping

Avail affordable, accurate and risk-free data scraping services from our data scraping experts. We have garnered our skill of data scraping over many years of covering varied industries. Today, we are one of the most reliable names of data scraping providers.


In order to get a competitive edge over other competitors, please get in touch with our data mining service experts today. We will offer you correct advice and proper direction in converting data into meaningful information.

Email Scraping

If you wish to create a legitimate contact list and sales prospects, or any other task for which acquiring accurate information is vital, then email scraping service is for you. With the objective to promote your product or service, or to simply create awareness of your company, email marketing is pertinent. But, it is also essential to ensure that your emails are being directed to the right audience on their right addresses. Tatariya Web Solution will make sure that your conversion ratio increases with the help of our email scraping service.

Searching & Validation

At Tatariya Web Solution, we employ a number of algorithms for searching and validating email addresses. Our tried and tested techniques play a pivotal role in checking the validity of email addresses. Our experts will keep a check on our email databases periodically, only to make sure all the emails are valid and functioning. With us, you will always get a list of email addresses that are valid and working. A couple of parameters such as email formats, DNS record check, and so forth will be judged, based on which, an email address will be marked as valid or invalid. Don’t worry, our processes are very much in place and you will have access to verified email addresses in bulk.

Virtual Assistant

Tatariya Web Solution will offer you an army of virtual assistants to ensure that you don’t lose control of your company. Whether you want to schedule meetings, do some research or make some purchases, fetching services of Tatariya Web Solutions’ virtual assistance is a must. We can perform all kinds of admin tasks, big to small, including calling or texting someone, scheduling or confirming meetings, making or returning phone calls, sending or responding to emails, calls, and texts, creating reports, and so forth. Our virtual assistants’ job will be to make your life easy and simple.

Document Conversion

Our document conversion specialists will convert all your paper documents accurately and speedily into electronic files in the correct format. As a business, you may have a need to convert a document to a different format, and converting these documents manually can be a daunting task. Therefore, hiring our document conversion services is a much better choice.

MS Excel, MS Word Specialists

Avail professional M.S. Office solutions from our well trained and certified experts who have the knowledge and skills to create interactive and user-friendly Microsoft word and excel files, allowing clients to handle data efficiently and cost-effectively.

Product Mining

The step of product mining is incredibly essential in order to identify and screen new ideas. Tatariya Web Solution can help you identify what features are significant, and hence, aid in making right decisions about a product. We will also help you understand the latest trends pertaining to your industry, take valuable feedbacks from potential customers, and collect ratings, all of which, will be of remarkable assistance to you in shaping the direction of your product.

In addition, our trained professionals will also provide assistance in creating Stock Keeping Units (SKU), which will help you to determine all the items that are in stock and the items that need reordering. The SKUs letter and number code will reveal your product’s basic information such as nutritional facts, ingredients, size, price, manufacturer’s name, and so forth. Clearly, SKU’s help in categorizing products and make them available for easier analyses.

We can also help in preparing a data sheet specifying the technical characteristics of your product that will comprise all the necessary details about all the specific requirements. We will present your product with the right description, accurate specifications, and sharp images, which will make all the difference between you and your competitor.

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